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Choose your own adventure gamebook CYOA

This is a text adventure gamebook in wich you have to choose your own destiny. You play as an ordinary guy named Bonifacio, who have a boring job and no sexual experience. Tonigth he has a date and this could change.


As in all interactive novels, your choices will affect the story, and making wrong choices can even lead to your death. Besides the traditional choice making of regular games of this genre, here you have also stats. These stats will be checked by the game from time to time, to see if they are high enough to allow you to perform certain actions.


The story starts at the beginning of the day, right after the clock awakes the heroe.


As the story progresses, you will meet with other characters, you will make friends and enemies, and you will find out more about the story. You will find out aliens and strange situations. Your choices will influence what happens in the different places, and you can even choose to save them if you so desire.


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Point & click graphic adventure

Illuminati Adventure Omg! is a classic point & click adventure. Translated to spanish and english.


What do you going to find in this cool game?:


-Nice graphics & funny collagues.

-Strange creatures with crazy talking.

-Crazy worlds with tricky puzzles.

-High technology, futuristic atmosphere, freak sci-fi.

-Music: Yes! OMG. It´s amazing.


Morty is our heroe. He works in a laboratory in the far from time and distance Universe. The graphic adventure stars in a normal Morty´s working day. He must go to find a few of samples needed by the laboratory.


This universe is a bunch of psicodelic worlds where strange creatures with crazy talking hang around making strange business.


Easy!. Find the samples to the laboratory chilling around the planets with your spacecraft and exploring the planets. Morty have a support spacecraft to communicate with if there are troubles.


The Interstellar Brigade is the police and the law on this side of the Universe. Lately they are being rude. So, take care of them.


Speak and deal with the characters. Every one could be a reptilian or an illuminati, you never know. Because there are reptilians and illuminatis everywhere.

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